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Charter News, April 22

posted Apr 24, 2017, 11:15 AM by Rhonda Schlosser

"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming."  -Goethe

Dear Charter Families,

We were finally able to present Screenagers last week.  While the audience was probably not as large as it would have been had it not been rescheduled, the parents and students that were in attendance were very appreciative of the opportunity to view this wonderful film. Many mentioned that they thought the film should be mandatory viewing for parents in our digital age of learning. Families who came were not only from the Charter but also from SLV High School and Middle School. We had a great discussion afterward. It was especially good to hear from the students in the audience and to see so many families who attended and together.  Some of the comments shared were:

  • Several students said that they learn better and seem to retain more from textbooks

  • Students also agreed with the movie in how distracted they can become with the use of internet in the classroom if it isn’t managed well, and also how easy it is for students to misuse the computer in the classroom if they so choose.

  • A few parents mentioned their own overuse of their smartphone or computer at home.  Some said that they felt they were managing it okay until they intentionally stopped for a good length of time and thus realized how much more relaxed and present they were with their family.

  • The Tech Talk Tuesday mentioned was an idea that many felt would benefit their home.

  • Most agreed that not having smartphones and computers in the bedroom was a good idea, though many also agreed that it may be hard for them to initially implement.

This was the second time that Ambe Walker and I have seen the film and we both realize how much more we were able to glean from the film the second time around.  For those of you who could not make it, I highly recommend you review some of the resources linked on the Screenagers website  In particular, the Tech Talk Tuesdays, and  Resources tabs. Thank you to Amber and Jen for attending and adding to the discussion!



CAASPP testing continues: The Charter programs will continue with testing through mid-May. A Huge Thanks to all the students for working so hard!  I have heard from the teachers and seen for myself that the classes that have finished truly did do their best.  Every class I entered seemed relaxed and energized to do well with their tests. I know it is not a pleasurable experience for most and that for some students the tests can be hard and some questions frustrating. Remember that the tests are designed to be comprehensive and that not many students can know 100% of anything! These tests only show a moment in time for each student’s academic ability and only in this specific, standardized format.  The tests are primarily designed to show schools an overall view of how our students are doing in Math and ELA and Science.  It is one measure that is required by the State and we greatly appreciate your participation.  We do really need 95% participation, and in our small school, every student makes a difference.  Thanks again!


Nature Academy Lottery: The lottery will be held This Friday at 3:00 pm at the Quail Hollow Charter Office.  If you have any questions, please contact Rhonda at 335-0932, or Holly at 336-5167


SLVUSD VAPA Showcase: May 6, 2017:  12 PM to 4 PM: SLVHS Campus

Come and see the fabulous SLVUSD Visual and Performing Arts accomplishments from the 16-17 school year. We will have performances by our theater students, band, choir, and elementary music. There will be artwork on display, and some community activities. We hope you can join us. No cost to attend!

Event Volunteers: In order for us to successfully host this event we will need lots of helping hands from our generous parents. We are seeking both volunteers to help out on the day of the event, as well as food and drink donations to be sold to event goers.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

• Baked goods and water donations (see attached flyer) • Food/drink servers

• Set up including hanging and arranging artwork and setting up food/beverage areas, table

set up, etc.  • Clean-up/ break-down   • Cleaning popcorn maker before event  • Cleaning popcorn maker after event

If you have any questions about VAPA Volunteer list please email Lani Egbert,

We are looking for bakers to donate some tasty treats to our first annual Visual Arts Performing Arts Showcase SIGN UPBake sale donation ideas:

●  Homemade baked goods — cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, rice krispie treats, pies, cakes, zucchini bread, banana bread, etc. ●  Cases of bottled water ●  Starbucks coffee containers

Please join our list of bakers by using the Sign Up Genius survey.

Any questions, please contact Halley Benjamin,


Parent Advisory Committee: Thank you to the parents who continue to come each month and give feedback to important aspects of running the Charter.  At the last meeting, after review of the LCAP discussion, we discussed the annual parent survey.  The questions on this survey help the Charter staff to assess how we are doing in the areas of academics, communication and safety and engagement.  This survey is also used as a follow up for our LCAP review and reporting.  We made changes to the questions based on review of the results from the previous year and by looking at the LCAP goals.


What’s Going on in Our Charter School?



ALL Charter Talent SHOW: Calling all acts for our All Charter Talent Show, to be performed at the SLV Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Thursday, May 25, at 6:30pm. In addition, there is a mandatory Dress Rehearsal from 3-6pm on Wednesday, May 24. *Please speak directly with Amber if there is a conflict with this date. There are a few exceptions to the mandatory Dress Rehearsal attendance, but it must be discussed prior to then to be determined.

Acts should be no longer than approximately 3-4 minutes in length. Solo dancers, group dancers, solo musical artists, bands, monologues, stop motion videos, short films...any and all visual and performing artists are welcome!    We will also display 2D and 3D artwork in the lobby to the PAC.

Please respond with the following info by Friday, May 5:

1)Name and age/grade of student

2)contact information of parent or responsible adult: email address and phone number

2)Charter Program they are enrolled in

3)what kind of performance or visual art will be presented

4)staging needs -such as mats, microphones, piano, extension cords, backing musical track, chairs, etc.

Thanks so much! I am looking forward to another year of amazing talent.

..little snippets from some of our programs.

Coast Redwood High School: Information Night, Thursday, 4/27, 5:00pm-6:00pm, Room P3.  Students and parents of 8th graders are encouraged to attend to meet all the CRHS teachers and hear what they have planned for next year.

Special Workshop; Guest Speaker Heath Wood - Friday, May 5th

What: A presentation and facilitated conversation about self-awareness, communication skills, and

creating safety for ourselves and others in social and academic situations.

When:  Friday, May 5th, 9th/10th Graders from 9-11am, 11/12th Graders from 12-2pm.

Who: ALL Coast Redwood students and staff

Where: Coast Redwood, P5  (Brian’s room)

Cost: FREE!!! While normally trainings like these are quite pricey, this workshop is FREE for all CRHS students.

We have invited Heath to work with us now as preparation for our 2017-2018 school year and to kick off the positive changes we will continue to be making at Coast Redwood. It is so valuable and important to Coast Redwood teachers and the building of our Coast Redwood community that we are asking all of our students to be here, and as an added incentive are considering it an extra credit project for a class of your choice. More on this next week!

- Yearbooks - order yours today! - Last Meeting of the Tribes - Friday, April 28 (Attendance day) starting at 10:00. Agenda - students will receive their progress report, answer questions, confirm ROP applications, verify concurrent enrollment, pick-up Cabrillo summer school and fall high school release forms, and much more! - Senior cap and gowns have arrived. 20 years of providing an academic choice! Come celebrate with our graduating seniors on June 2

Coast Redwood Middle School: Students have been working on their individual and class projects and in the garden in addition to the CAASPP testing.

Nature Academy: 6th grade went on an O'Neill Sea Odyssey on the  17th. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to drive. Students are swimming for their PE and making final preparations for their Mt Shasta trip happening in May.  Their CAASPP testing begins this week. 7th and 8th graders are deep into their Renaissance unit, with posters and speeches of notable people of the time period and science projects with DaVinci in mind. A new elective cycle has begun as well.

Quail Hollow Integrated Arts: Had a field trip on Wednesday, April 19 to MAH in Santa Cruz

Students met downtown and had an art walk scavenger hunt along primarily Pacific Avenue, and some of the nearby side streets until their interactive activities in the Museum of Art and History.

Quail Hollow Homeschool:  We attended a field trip to Good Life Ceramics April 21st. Walking around campus, friends were on the lookout for animals.  We made a list of what was seen followed up with a drawing of our favorite animals we spotted with some descriptive words. Jen, our counselor talked about 'Circles of Privacy'. We looked at different behaviors (for example, kissing, hugging, handshake, smile) and brainstormed who we would be doing these things with. It's important to trust you gut and say no if something doesn't feel right. There is such a desire to continue working outside; Children had the opportunity to choose to work in the frog pond, the garden, or to make a marbled paper craft activity.

Fall Creek Homeschool: We had a wonderful art workshop led by Michele and Don Faia. We drew mandalas titled ” Your Inner Sun”.  The 3rd graders worked on making videos using Adobe Spark. The 4th and 5th graders worked on storyboards for the videos they are making. We received a letter from the International Astronomical Union thanking us for our suggestions to change the word we use for natural  satellites.  We completed steps 3 and 4 in our hand made bookmaking process. We worked on a star map. We listened to the true story of a famous astronomer, Annie Jump Cannon. We had a wonderful field trip to the Mystery Spot with a school group tour.

Mountain IS: We had a nice week in class learning about Dr. Suess, doing some creative writing and learning about cave formations called stalactites and stalagmites. We read several Dr Suess books and created graphs with partners to collect data from classmates (what is your favorite? Which has your favorite illustrations?). We are doing a demonstration with Epsom salts and students had to make predictions and will observe the growth over the next week. We spent some time in Writer's Workshop as well. Thank you to all who put on the amazing Earth Day celebration! All of the teachers and kids loved the event and learned a lot. It was a great success. In the spirit of Earth Day we made natural cleaning products using fractions. Then did some spring cleaning around the classroom! We ended the day with a video about an art exhibit at the Smithsonian made exclusively from trash found at beaches. What a great opportunity to strike up a conversation about the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle!

DATES TO REMEMBER: (Please refer to your program’s newsletter for greater detail regarding dates and details specific to your program’s Field Trips and class events.)

  • April 28: Nature Academy Lottery 3 pm at the Charter Quail Hollow Office

  • May 6: VAPA Showcase. May 6, 2017:  12 PM to 4 PM: SLVHS Campus

  • May 11 & 12:  All Chater Play.  The Little Mermaid: a West Side Story.  PAC @ 6:30

  • May 29th:  No School-- Memorial Day

  • June 8th:  Last day of school