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Charter News: December 21, 2017-18

posted Dec 31, 2017, 12:13 PM by Rhonda Schlosser

How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before

starting to improve the world.   ~Anna Frank


The question you should be asking is, "Can I do one small thing tomorrow to make things a little bit better?"And the answer is almost always yes. --Dan Pink

Dear Charter Families,

We have officially started our winter break.  I hope all of you who wanted to were able to sleep in, are having relaxing mornings, and are beginning a fun, restful, and rejuvenating holiday.

The holiday season is shared in so many different ways, depending on the age of children, extended family, holiday traditions, traveling possibilities. My holiday specifics have significantly changed as my children grew older and currently my time can be spent much more quietly and with little flurry or expectations.

No matter how it is spent this holiday is a special time for family fun and togetherness. And likely with the holiday rush, the to-do list seems to grow exponentially by the minute.

In the busyness of the season, I hope that you can keep learning and quality time with family at the top of the list while your kids are home on break from school. Research shows that families who spend quality time together and connect activities at home to what children are learning or are interested in have a stronger emotional bond and better communication—and the kids do better academically.

The holiday season provides great opportunities to expose children to new ideas and information, reinforce skills and knowledge, and encourage creativity, which supports their long-term happiness and overall success.

May your winter break be full of love, peace, and rejuvenating days and nights. May you learn something new about your child, play and share in creativity and inquisitiveness together.

Please read on to hear about a special opportunity for our high school students and to

We look forward to being with you in 2018.  



NOTE: All newsletters will be archived on our website if you would like to confirm any information.  Specific pertinent information can also be found on our website so if you have an opportunity, please give it a review.

A unique opportunity from our Counselor: There is an exciting new opportunity for Coast Redwood High School students coming up at the beginning of next year!  

Starting in January we will be offering a 15 hour Peer Counseling certification to students who are interested in learning more about being listeners, providing support to others, and furthering their own personal growth.  Not only will this be interesting and helpful, students will be able to put this on a resume or college application and it could count toward community service hours.  As an added bonus, some teachers may offer extra credit for completing this certification.  Read the information below for more information and contact Jennifer Sims at with any questions or to sign up today!

Social Media Learning opportunity: 6 Media Resolutions Every Family Should Make in 2018. Whether or not you're a "resolution person," approach the new year as an opportunity to bond, to be mindful, and to learn something new.


Opportunities in our Community: “Race to Nowhere” documentary


To start the coming year, the SLVHS Cougar Club is sponsoring the "Race to Nowhere" movie, a timely and provocative film exposes a silent epidemic plaguing America’s educational system. The movie will be followed by a panel discussion.

Called a "must-see movie" by The New York Times, Race to Nowhere was the first education film to uncover the epidemic of unhealthy, disengaged and unprepared students caught in the rat race of an obsessive achievement culture. Through heartbreaking stories of students from across the country, the film explores how high-stakes testing, runaway school schedules and relentless pressure to achieve has pushed our children to the brink.

Note: You must register through the eventbrite page in order to attend.

Date: Wed, January 17, 7 to 9 PM, PAC

Register for this free event on the Eventbrite registration page.

Movie trailer:

SLV students will get extra credit for attending.

Parent Advisory Committee: Thank you, Lauren Reedy for stepping into the Parent Advisory Committee role.  Lauren came to the last meeting and reviewed the Charter Action Plan with me.  I want to emphasize the fact that Charter schools often exist due to parents interest in wanting to support something different from a traditional school format or structure.  We need to hear your feedback and have your involvement in our programming. Next meeting will be

Thursday, January 11, from 3-4 pm in the Fall Creek Charter office.


What’s Going on in Our Charter School?  ..little snippets of some of our programs.


Coast Redwood HS: First semester Leadership class is transitioning to second-semester Yearbook. Field trip to the MOMA on Friday, January 12 is POSTPONED. Students who were dual enrolled at Cabrillo College first semester must obtain their college transcripts noting their course(s), grades and credits so that they will be applied to their high school transcript and before dual enrolling the second semester Community Service Thank you to all of our students who worked at the Outdoor Science School. Feedback has been exceptional! Cabin Leaders (students) are being accepted for the spring. You will receive 60 hours of community service, recognition certificate and volunteer hours applied to the President's Volunteer Service Award at the end of the year. Courses in Schoology are now unpublished. Courses and second-semester assignments will open Friday, January 12 unless you receive an email from the teacher of the course.

Coast Redwood MS: The kids have crreated a spreadsheet in Google sheets to track lotion sales.. In writing, the kids edited their peers product decriptions, using standard editing marks. They worked on product descriptions and promotional materials. Those who brought cameras worked on taking product photos both indoors, outdoors, with props and without. The kids also worked on getting their photos into Google photos and sharing them with each other. We had a wonderful week of student presentations on: Rubriks cubes, bat rays, multiple sclerosis, synesthesia, dog breeds and jelly soap.  Thank you presenters!

Nature Academy: 6th grade: Students presented their Gods/Goddess projects on Tuesday this week. They have been working hard and I am excited to see their presentations.  We have our next field trip after the break to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. 7-8th grades: Students are working on their grandparents interview and beginning their Giver project. Our final day ended with our traditional, student driven, Secret Snowflake gift giving. The students had a great time at the SLVMS Holiday festivities..

Quail Hollow Integrated Arts (QHIA): We had fun this week as students acted out each other’s original scripts. Students gave great feed back, and recognized the importance of writing accurate stage directions, etc. which are unique to scriptwriting. They also worked hard on their slideshow presentations of individual projects on Medieval Africa. What a wonderful potluck today! The kids shared their gratitude for each other in a circle before we ate.Check out this cool video on the Science of Gratitude: The Amazing Effects of Gratitude Seleona and her dad come to our potluck today and give a drumming demonstration of African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, and Tahitian rhythms (check out the video on our FB page)! Shauna, Abena’s mom, and Abena’s sister, Akuia, also came to class this week and shared some sculpture and cloth from Zimbabwe and Ghana.

Quail Hollow Homeschool: Our Annual Holiday Crafting Day!  We made miniature sleds, strung popcorn and cranberries to feed the birds, and made some cute handprint art.   We had a practice fire drill in which the real bell was rung!   After lunch, we finished up crafting and heard some wonderful stories. For our last Nature Wednesday class, we met at the beach to get out of the trees and into the sun!  We enjoyed hot cocoa

and cider and enjoyed the beautiful day. Our children did a FABULOUS job sharing their talents and generosity of spirit today. We wish you great happiness this holiday season to you  and your family.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  We look forward to seeing you "next year"

Fall Creek Homeschool:  We had a wonderful visit from Sophie Webb, a nature illustrator. She treated us to a stupendous slide show of many of the marine mammals that frequent Monterey Bay as well as some more unusual ones that live in other parts of the world. We used thin, colored beeswax to decorate white candles. We wrapped them as presents. We examined our recent watercolor paintings and saw how landscapes often reveal a second scene when turned upside down! We listened to a book called Whale Shines, about a whale who realizes he can contribute to an art show by swishing his tail through bioluminescent plankton. We heard two ocean creature presentations – one on the Pyrosome by Justice and one on the Megalodon by Avery. We had a whole group session with Jen Sims, school psychologist, on self-awareness.


Natalee Thomas, a fifth grader at Fall Creek Homeschool, conceived of wonderful way to deepen the class's study of the three major zones of the ocean. She guided her classmates, in groups of 2 and 3 to draw sea creatures and attach them to the correct zone - the sunlight zone, the twilight zone or the midnight zone. The midnight zone is where the bioluminescent diatoms and plankton dwell and so the kids painted them with dayglow paints. Then she added constellations to the ceiling and oriented them to the overhead light, making that the North Star. As a final surprise she showed the kids their work under a black light and all were wonderfully surprised to see all of the midnight zone creatures glowing as well as the constellations above.
Mountain IS: We read a new fable from India about a buffalo and a monkey. We continued our “fill the bucket” compliment activity. In art we learned how to create snowflakes with radial symmetry and we created our December memory book pages. Math was a blast using tracers to create shapes in our journals and wrote about shapes and polygons. There were songs from around the world, line dances and percussion instruments along with a ukulele.



SLV Foundation for Education is Raising Money for our Schools

San Lorenzo Valley Foundation for Education is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. We provide an easy way to support a broad or specific tax deductible donation to the SLV schools and clubs, including Charter and Homeschool groups. One can donate directly to any of the groups listed below, without needing to buy or sell products. For more information or to donate, please visit

*High School Cougar Club  *Drama Boosters  *Music Boosters *Art Boosters

*High School Stadium Lights  *Patron of the Arts *Middle School Panther Club  *BCE parent club  *SLVE Bobcat Club   *SLV Charter School Booster Club    *The Nature Academy


Dates to remember: (Please refer to your program’s newsletter for greater detail regarding dates and details specific to your program’s Field Trips and class events.)

  • December 22nd- January 7th:  Winter Break

  • January 8: First Day back

  • January 11: Parent Advisory Meeting from 3-4 pm

  • January 15th:  No School-- MLK Day

  • January 25: End of first Semester

  • January 26th:  No School-- Professional Development Day for Teachers

  • February 1st - 3rd: All Charter Play, “Cinderidol”

  • February 12th:  No School-- President’s Holiday

  • February 19th:  No School-- President’s Holiday

  • March 12th:  No School--  Professional Development Day for Teachers

  • April 2nd-6th:  Spring Break!