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Charter News: Jan. 24, 2015

posted Feb 6, 2015, 3:44 PM by Rhonda Schlosser   [ updated Feb 6, 2015, 4:37 PM ]

Charter News

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself: but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation. “  ~Roberta F. Kennedy

The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief. ~William Shakespeare,Othello

Dear Families,

You have probably heard that there was vandalism on the SLVHS campus over the last week-end. Charter portables 4 and 5 were broken into and vandalized. The windows of both of our portables were broken, however it appears that they only entered Portable 5, our Math room, where they ripped open the computer cart and stole all the laptops. They also broke signs in the CRHS student garden.  Dr. Bruton discovered the incident around 5 pm last Monday, when she heard that vandals had thrown various items into the high school pool.

It is very unsettling when vandalism strike so close to home. Our school is a place where we feel safe, supported, where teachers and staff devote their days to building a positive learning environment for our students.  We feel offended, saddened, violated, angered, wronged with this break in. The speculative reasons for vandalism and thievery include revenge, boredom, a challenge by peers, drug involvement... really we don’t need to know the exact reason. It doesn’t matter for our purposes right now.  Whatever the reason, what is true is that it was heartless and senseless. They stole. They knew they hurt others.   

~ But our supportive learning environment is still intact!   

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped clean up our rooms and garden area. We have had our wonderful district staff helping with the repairs since the night we learned of the incident. Our teachers and staff and children continue to work in their successful way together.

The police are still working with us to find out who the culprits were.  Because it is under investigation, we ask you to please keep the details of the vandalism descriptive and informational only.  We want to minimize any unfounded rumors. And  if you know any information about this incident, please contact the Sheriff's Department.

NOTE: Due to the damage, we have moved the math classes up to the Annex until the windows can be replaced, which should be sometime early this coming week. Replacement computers have already been ordered.

And thank you again for supporting your students and holding true to the positive and unified community that is a hallmark of this district.


What’s Going on in Our Charter School?  ...little snippets of some of our programs.

BC Homeschool: First Play practice on Thursday, January 29th.

SLV Homeschool: The Make-o-Rama on Friday was a big success for students and by students from various Homeschool programs

Nature Academy: Volcanos in Mr. K’s class, Children’s book making and Yosemite preparations in Ms S and Mr. M’s rooms.

CRHS: On-site classes have resumed. And their classroom phone is finally fixed (Yay!).

Nature Academy Info Night: Please join us for the Nature Academy Info Night to hear all about this wonderful program. Wednesday, March 18, 2015; 6-7 pm; MS Library.

SLVUSD Charter School Info Night: Please join us for the Charter School Info Night to hear about all of the Charter School’s wonderful homeschool options. Tuesday, March 24,  2015; 6-7 pm; MS Library

All Homeschool Charter Science Fair  Students are busy with the experiments.

Date of Charter Science Fair: Friday, Feb. 6

Date of SC County Science Fair: March 7


Join Young Author tour de force Jandy Nelson plus local YA author and teacher Annameekee Hesik for a Young Adult fiction double-header and conversation.   Jandy Nelson is the author of the much beloved and critically acclaimed The Sky is Everywhere. She lives in San Francisco, CA.  I’ll Give You the Sun (a Bookshop staff favorite and New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Time Top Ten YA of the Year (#3), NPR Great Reads of the Year, and Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year)  Driving Lessons is Hesik’s follow-up to the first The Young Know Who Girls novel: Abbey Brooks


(Please refer to your program’s newsletter for greater detail regarding dates and details specific to your program’s Field Trips and class events.

  • February 3 & 4 - High School Exit Exam for all 10th grade students (required) and 11th and 12th graders who have not yet passed

  • February 6 - Homeschool Science Fair

  • February 9 - Holiday

  • February 16 - Holiday

  • February 27 - All Charter Skate Day

  • February 27 - End of Second Trimester

  • March 7 - Santa Cruz County Science and Engineering Fair

  • March 18 - SLV Charter: Nature Academy Information Night

  • March 24 - SLV Charter: Homeschool programs Information Night

  • March 30th- April 6th:  Spring Break