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Charter News: June 9

posted Jun 12, 2017, 5:10 PM by Rhonda Schlosser


"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."

—F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby




Dear Charter Families,


Well, the school year is officially over!  Thank you so much for sharing your children with us, for sharing your dedication in working with your children and in our programs to support their growth.


School begins again on August 28th.  We will be sending you an email in early August to remind you to update your contact information through PowerSchool, beginning August 5th.  This coming school year, students will not be able to start participation in their programs until that information has been submitted.  This registration gives us the updated information we need for your child’s health and emergency contacts, among other things. Please register as soon as you get the email reminder, try not to procrastinate.  We will be in the office starting August 7, available if you have any questions or problems when completing your child’s enrollment.


Holly, Danelle, and I will be in the office Monday - Thursday until June 23.  We will reopen the week of August 7, open Monday -Thursday until the week of August 28 when school begins again.


May your summer hold every form of fun and relaxation that you can muster. And don’t forget to find ways to laugh, hug, read and play!



Charter Parent Survey:  I am asking one last time to please take the time to fill out our annual survey.  We want to hear how we are doing every year.  Right now we have received fewer responses than we have had in the past several years.  This can mean that everyone is happy with what we are doing, very unhappy, or simply not caring enough to take the time.  This survey gives us a view of progress over the years. And it can show us areas for growth and change as well.


Comings and goings: We are so sorry to have to say goodbye to our Nature Academy math teacher, Tamar Ragir.  Though she was with us but a year, she engaged the students in ways that kept them thinking, learning, and asking questions that led them deeper in their mathematical understanding.  We wish her the best at her new school.


Welcome to Liz Keshawarz. I am happy to have been able to hire Liz to join the Charter team of math teachers.  Here is a brief Bio:  After the youngest of her three children left for college, Liz and Paul decided to make their home in the beautiful mountains of Boulder Creek and enjoy the close-knit community of caring people. She spends much of her time doing Yoga and walking in the woods and on the beach.

Liz holds an MS in Mathematics Education from CSUEB as well as California Clear Teaching Credentials. Since 1992 she has taught students in elementary, middle, and high school, managed educational programs in addition to being an avid community organizer. Her unique cultural perspective has been an asset to the teams she has worked with, and students have always been the direct beneficiaries of her efforts. She has lived a rich, well-rounded life both overseas and in the States, working toward the common good has been the source of motivation in her personal and professional life.  

Community News: Highway 9/San Lorenzo Valley Transportation Corridor Plan Survey - Online

Complete the survey to share your ideas on how to make it safer and easier for everyone to get around San Lorenzo Valley, whether you are walking, biking, driving, looking for a ride, or taking transit.

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), Caltrans, County of Santa Cruz, and Santa Cruz METRO need your help preparing a Highway 9/San Lorenzo Valley transportation corridor plan. Share your vision for Highway 9 and participate in the development of this action plan to prioritize transportation projects and services. Measure D, which was approved by voters in November 2016, includes $10 million specifically earmarked for transportation projects along the Highway 9 corridor. For more information: visit, contact the RTC at 831-460-3200 or

Student Work: In past years we have had a section of our Charter News that was devoted to selected pieces of student work for our various programs.  Each program does so many fabulous things, each has such unique ways for the students’ talents to shine, that oftentimes I think it is good to share examples to the broader audience of Charter Families. We thought we’d whet your appetite with a few writing samples from the Nature Academy’s 7-8th grade Writer’s Workshop unit.  These are pieces that the students agreed to share in our Newsletter. Selected Writing Workshop Pieces from Nature Academy Students This may be a tradition that we readopt next year. Please tell me what you think!


The SLVUSD Charter School uses PowerSchool Registration, an online platform for completing student registration. We have outlined below the requirements for our Returning students, as well as when to access the web-link to complete the online registration process.


Our on-line registration for next year cannot be completed until Powerschool reopens on August 5. (Between now and then the District Team needs to complete the work of closing the current school year and setting up for the new school year.) Detailed communication regarding registration is posted or will be posted on the district website as well as at each respective school's website.  


There will be a reminder going out around 8/1/17 regarding signing in to PowerSchool to register your student(s). You may sign in as early as 8/5/17 to complete and confirm the student/family information, along with emergency contact information, and permissions at that time for 2017-18 school year.


RETURNING STUDENTS: We need your most current information in the event of an emergency! You will be required to complete your annual registration (information update and Parent Permissions) before you can attend classes.

PLEASE NOTE: The Parent Portal will be closed between July 1 and August 4. The Parent Portal will reopen on August 5, 2017.

PowerSchool Registration Window & Parent Portal:

The PowerSchool Parent Portal will re-open on Saturday, August 5.  You may access PowerSchool Registration through the Parent Portal URL:


Once you have created your PowerSchool Parent account, you will then complete your student’s on-line registration by clicking on the “PowerSchool Registration” link. Students are not considered enrolled until the on-line registration has been completed.  PLEASE NOTE: Students will need to be fully enrolled before they begin classes next year.

Incoming 7th-grade immunizations: All incoming 7th graders are required to proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster (called TDap) to be able to enter school in the Fall.  If your child’s immunizations are up to date, please bring a copy to the office so we can check them off the list.  If you have not received those immunizations, please contact your doctor to get shots updated over the summer.  No 7th grader can start school with proper immunization records.  Please contact our district nurse, Sarah Dahlen, at 335-4452 if you have questions.

Summer Reading Programs:  Bookshop Santa Cruz: Our popular summer reading program for young readers (going into grades K-12) will run June 1st through September 6th this year. We're challenging kids to read 6 books--at least 3 from our recommended reading list (see below) and up to 3 of their choice. Complete the challenge and not only will you have read some terrific books, but you'll earn excellent rewards: A $5 Bookshop gift card, a free scoop from the Penny Ice Creamery, a free slice from Pizza My Heart, and a special prize from the Santa Cruz Warriors!       How to get started: Come to Bookshop Santa Cruz to pick up a summer reading bookmark for your age level or download one of the pdfs listed below starting on Monday, May 15th. You are going to want to hang onto this because it's also your reading tracking form that you're going to use all summer and turn back into us before school starts. Pick out your first book and start reading!  All summer reading books are on display at Bookshop Santa Cruz. How to complete the challenge: Just bring back your filled out bookmark, making sure to note your name, age, and school before turning it in, by September 5th. Then you will get to collect your rewards and proudly post your name on our Summer Reading wall.  Extra bonus: The school that has the most students participate will also get a gift certificate to buy new books for their school library!