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Charter News: May 7, 2017

posted May 14, 2017, 11:27 PM by Rhonda Schlosser

"To stimulate life, leaving it then free to develop, to unfold, herein lies the first task of the teacher."

~ Maria Montessori

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

― Voltaire

Dear Charter Families,

This week is designated Teacher Appreciation week.  In some places they may say it is a day, some may have mentioned it last week, of course, they should be appreciated always, but I’d like to take this time to honor the teachers in the Charter.  Probably all principals think their teachers are the best, but I really think we do have the best!

Our Charter teachers are unique in that they are also champions of the programs they work in.  Their dedication to maintaining communication with their parents and students, and continuing to build creative and flexible programming is phenomenal! They are great at collaborating, teaching through thematic hands-on projects, and infusing their brain-based and developmental knowledge into their teaching as well.

Here is a list of our teachers and the programs they work for, with only a few of their special attributes (forgive me if I don’t share your favorite attribute):

Coast Redwood High School:

  • Kay Mendoza: English and Arts. Started the program 20 years ago.  She is diligent with her oversight and guidance of the program and always working beyond her 100% to keep it moving forward.

  • Keidi Lewis: Social Sciences and World Languages. She exudes effervescence when she talks and teaches.  She is also great at planning and taking students on field trips.

  • Wade Axup: Sciences. He is a wiz at integrating technology into his classes and helping our teachers with technology as well. He loves biology and marine science.

  • Brian Heery: Mathematics.  Also a Sensei in Aikido, he integrates a variety of techniques into his classes so that all students can feel mastery with their math.

Nature Academy:

  • Carter Milhous: Sciences, P.E. Math. Co-founder of Nature Academy, he always starts his teaching with brain-based theory. He loves the hands-on projects, science journals, and integrating computer technology whenever possible.

  • Melissa Stockton: English, Home Economics, GATE, Social Sciences, P.E. Co-founder of Nature Academy. Great at teaching writing,  integrating Language Arts into all subjects, and passionate about teaching cooking, nutrition, sewing….

  • Rosemary Hope: Multiple Subjects.  One of our newest teachers, she exudes the positive values of a self-contained classroom, teaching new 6th graders not only core content but how to respectfully communicate, collaborate and become a classroom family member.

  • Tamar Ragir: Math. Mathematics truly is her passion. She is always finding new ways have the students develop their math skills and critically think mathematically, including through hands-on activities.

Coast Redwood Middle School:

  • Marcy Reynolds: Multiple Subjects.  A true lifelong learner, she is always learning something new to enliven the students. Dedicated to the homeschooling value of working with where the student is and supporting their needs. Also a QiGong teacher, she infuses her mindfulness training into her classroom.

Quail Hollow Integrated Arts:

  • Amber Walker:  Multiple Subjects. She knows homeschooling inside and out as she homeschooled all three of her children, the oldest now 26. She started this program this year to share her love of integrating arts. She is passionate about the performing arts and has directed and choreographed Charter plays with multi-age students for 20 years.

Quail Hollow Homeschool:

  • Katie Parmenter: Multiple Subjects, Social Sciences. She loves the younger grades. She takes her time to make sure that children feel safe and care for one another. Her interests in History and crafting are specialties.

  • Gillian Blair: Multiple Subjects, Math.  A seasoned Math teacher, she is enjoying working and learning from the homeschooling families and truly believes in the thematic way of learning/ She is loving creating new hands-on activities for her students.

Fall Creek Homeschool

  • Lisa Michel: Multiple Subjects, Arts. As a former Waldorf teacher, she weaves Waldorf techniques, arts, and imaginative free play into her classroom.  Her passions include Astronomy and Nature Studies.

Mountain Independent Study:

  • Kim Fleming and Reina Honig. Multiple Subject.  Together they did a wonderful job co-teaching founding teacher Maria who was on leave.  Supporting loved traditions, learning the values of homeschooling, adding their love of the arts, writers’ workshop, and ao many ways to enliven this program for all who are involved.

Thank you, teachers, for making SLV Charter the great and unique school that it is!



Come See Our All Charter Play!  


Congratulations to our very own Quinn Becker for supporting the pack in the SLVHS production of Grease!


What’s Going on in Our Charter School? ..little snippets from some of our programs.

Thank you, students, for doing your best in the annual State testing.

Coast Redwood High School: Several students went on a tour at USCS. Staff and Students participated in an experiential workshop with Dr. Heath Wood to help build a culture where empathy and greater understanding of each other can expand.

Coast Redwood Middle School: Friday, May 19th, at 6pm at the Santa Cruz MAH, our class will be hosting one of the art exhibits during the 3rd Friday History Blast event!   Our art exhibit is a timeline of our oceans that begins in the 1950's before plastic pollution started entering our oceans and posing danger to sea life and human life. Our kids have created many amazing things this year, and they will be for sale at our exhibit to raise money for our class.  

Nature Academy: Thanks to the teachers and students for preparing for our Open House night and to the parents who came to visit the classrooms.  The 6th grade class had their Save our Shores Beach day, the 7-8th graders concluded their Renaissance unit with a Fair and Feast at Highlands Park.

Quail Hollow Integrated Arts: Most of the class is currently working on the All Charter Play. May 24 and 25 Charter Talent Show. This is a wonderful event, and we are performing AS A CLASS, presenting “Alexander Hamilton”, which we have been rehearsing with Arindam Krishna Das. Students are also encouraged to present an individual or group piece.

Quail Hollow Homeschool:  We have started the yearbook process. Please send in any pictures you have from this year to contribute to the yearbook with your child on Tuesday.  Students participated in our last Skate day of the year.  They are planning their Field Trip to the Rosicrucian Museum.  King Kong Fun Run is coming at the end of May

Fall Creek Homeschool: We have started the yearbook process. Please send in any pictures you have from this year to contribute to the yearbook with your child on Tuesday.  Students participated in our last Skate day of the year.  Students completed their classroom and personal books and sharing them at the Author’s Fair.

Mountain IS: IS Pentathlon will happen on May 12, 2017 (All ages participate) Events will take place on the field, track, and blacktop. The purpose of the event is to bring peace, grace, beauty and athleticism to all who participate and spectate. All students should wear white, we will provide purple sashes and kids will make their own foliage head wreaths Parents are encouraged to come and watch the event

DATES TO REMEMBER: (Please refer to your program’s newsletter for greater detail regarding dates and details specific to your program’s Field Trips and class events.)

  • April 28: Nature Academy Lottery 3 pm at the Charter Quail Hollow Office

  • May 6: VAPA Showcase. May 6, 2017:  12 PM to 4 PM: SLVHS Campus

  • May 11 & 12:  All Chater Play.  The Little Mermaid: a West Side Story.  PAC @ 6:30

  • May 25:  All Charter Talent Show at 6:30pm

  • May 29th:  No School-- Memorial Day

  • June 8th:  Last day of school