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Q: Confused about about Charter School programs and what they have to offer?

posted Sep 1, 2011, 5:36 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 18, 2014, 5:39 PM by Laurie Becker ]
Yes, this Charter school is unique and sometimes hard to figure out how it is all connected, let alone where we are located. 

There are many classes and activities that are offered to any student who is enrolled in any of the programs in the Charter.  Nature Academy is now the only 5 day week program, and is self contained because of this.

There is more interweaving and sharing of classes, activities and campus locations within the homeschool programs.  It is within these programs that knowing the names and locations is important when signing up and planning your schedule.

Here is a quick break down: 

Charter 25 is the school name. In the broad public it is known as the SLVUSD Charter School.

Within the Charter school there are various programs, that were created as titles of the Charter.  We are trying to encourage each title to be known by their name:
  • SLV Homeschool  (title 1)  
    • Located on the Quail Hollow Campus in Ben Lomond.  Their classes are often held within the broader community.
  • Boulder Creek Homeschool (title 3)
    • Located on the Boulder Creek Elementary Campus in Boulder Creek.
  • Fall Creek Homeschool (title 4)
    • Located at the Ludlow Building behind the SLV High School fields, in Felton.
  • Coast Redwood Middle Homeschool (title 6)
    • Located at the SLV Middle School campus, in the front of the parking lot, below the soccer field, in Felton.
  • Coast Redwood High School (title 8)
    • Located at the SLV High School campus, by the back parking lot near the pool, in Felton
  • Nature Academy (title 11)
    • Located in the SLV Middle School campus, adjacent to the inner quad, in Felton
  • Mountain Homeschool Independent Study (title 72)
    • Located in the Mountain Elementary School, in Soquel