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Why Consider Charter School?

Have you noticed that your child works better in a smaller setting? That he/she would rather move around than sit still? That noise, lighting, timing impacts his/her ability to learn? That she/he wants to learn faster, slower that the rest of the students in their classroom? That they have a passion that drives their attention? That she/he wants a greater challenge? Wants to learn more in or about nature?

Has your child begun to shut down on their desire to learn?

Our Charter School programs supports changes in format and scheduling, while staying aligned to State Standards. Changes in the ‘How’ or ‘When’ or ‘Where’ a child learns can help to change that child’s relationship with the ‘Why’.

“SLVUSD Charter School provides personalization, community and choice through challenging and creative educational opportunities designed for a diversity of learners.”

This mission statement reflects the vision developed by the original Charter School Launch Team. This vision identified three elements critical to developing educated children who are well prepared for the 21st century: strong academics, family involvement, and community interaction.

In our Charter School we value a personalized approach to learning the content Standards adopted by the State Board of Education. Learning begins and ends in relationship; with a parent, a teacher, mentor, and of course with your self.

Families often come to Charters for reasons that fall under two broad categories:
  1. The parents have a philosophic focus that takes them out of the traditional public school format.
  2. They have tried traditional public school format and it didn’t work for some reason or another.
No one style of learning fits every learner. That is why we have seven programs to chose from; like small schools within our school, where we help can emphasize learning tied to School Wide Outcomes, or Life Skills.

Questions? I invite you to read some parent testimonials or contact me if you have any other questions.

Here's a bit of inspiration from a remarkable young man. Our charter schools may not reflect his exact education, but we think you might get the idea of what some of the many possibilities could be!


  • What some of our parents and students say about SLV Charter programs.
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